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kitties and the ‘hood

Posted in photo with tags on October 23, 2009 by natasha ilys


This kitty was taking a nap in the window with the sun beating on his head… The life a cat looks so nice….

laddsgreenI am really blessed by living in my favorite neighborhood in town. This is one of my favorite houses. I wish I could live in it, or at least know the people well enough to have access to hang out inside. For now, I enjoy it from outside along with the elm trees. This was taken in Spring 2009.

kittenwindowThis sweet kitten was hanging out in the window sill of an apartment a couple of blocks from my place.  The window was open and only the screen seperated us. I coo’d at the kitty and while I put my fingures up to the screen. Pawing back, seemingly confused and frustrated that my touch could not be felt. The feeling was mutual.

yellowhouseBright yellow house with a storm brewing the back ground, and paper stars in the window to match the clouds.