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Ed and Krista

Posted in photo with tags , on July 11, 2010 by natasha ilys

Ed and Krista got married on Mt. Tabor in Portland, OR on June 20, 2010


ghost towns of Oregon

Posted in photo with tags , , on May 13, 2010 by natasha ilys

The last few days of my Spring Break from school I went on a mini day road trip with some friends and former co-workers. We ventured off east to the Dalles and south bound in search for ghost towns in Wasco County.

The first stop happened after driving for two hours in the rain towards the Dalles and heading south on 197. Suddenly we were overwhelmed by the sun and was greeted by this spectacular view. We had to get out and take pictures.

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Christmas day in Oakland, CA

Posted in photo with tags , on January 15, 2010 by natasha ilys

Oakland Fox Theater on Telegraph

On Christmas day, I few into Oakland airport. Upon arrival, I took various public transportation modes, possible all of which Oakland has to offer to meet my friend Audrey. Between BART and the bus, I had some time to kill. I made it onto the ghostly street of Telegraph and planted myself in the sun light in  front of the Fox Theater as I waited for Audrey to call me.

Oakland Fox Theater on Telegraph

Once I was at Audrey’s house, I relaxed in her small apartment while she decompressed from her recent trip with the family. I have some mixed feelings about Oakland. It has always scared me a bit. Perhaps it is its industrious nature that I wouldn’t expect her back yard to look so rural.

Audrey's back yard in Oakland

Then there is Ray Ray, Audrey’s cat. He is such a loveable, playful cat. We got along straight away and he was so kind as to model for me. This is one of my favorites:

Ray Ray in color and up close

Ray Ray awake while Audrey sleeps

This was the scene in her room, a few minutes before I departed…

kitties and the ‘hood

Posted in photo with tags on October 23, 2009 by natasha ilys


This kitty was taking a nap in the window with the sun beating on his head… The life a cat looks so nice….

laddsgreenI am really blessed by living in my favorite neighborhood in town. This is one of my favorite houses. I wish I could live in it, or at least know the people well enough to have access to hang out inside. For now, I enjoy it from outside along with the elm trees. This was taken in Spring 2009.

kittenwindowThis sweet kitten was hanging out in the window sill of an apartment a couple of blocks from my place.  The window was open and only the screen seperated us. I coo’d at the kitty and while I put my fingures up to the screen. Pawing back, seemingly confused and frustrated that my touch could not be felt. The feeling was mutual.

yellowhouseBright yellow house with a storm brewing the back ground, and paper stars in the window to match the clouds.

Building Our Future

Posted in photo on January 31, 2009 by natasha ilys


This is a revision of one of my first digital images. I am pleased with this version and hope to expand on this theme.

replicating the past

Posted in photo with tags , , , on November 8, 2008 by natasha ilys
St. Johns Bridge Portland, Oregon 2008

St. Johns Bridge Portland, Oregon 2008

daguerrotype of the St. Johns Bridge

daguerrotype of the St. Johns Bridge