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Christmas day in Oakland, CA

Posted in photo with tags , on January 15, 2010 by natasha ilys

Oakland Fox Theater on Telegraph

On Christmas day, I few into Oakland airport. Upon arrival, I took various public transportation modes, possible all of which Oakland has to offer to meet my friend Audrey. Between BART and the bus, I had some time to kill. I made it onto the ghostly street of Telegraph and planted myself in the sun light inĀ  front of the Fox Theater as I waited for Audrey to call me.

Oakland Fox Theater on Telegraph

Once I was at Audrey’s house, I relaxed in her small apartment while she decompressed from her recent trip with the family. I have some mixed feelings about Oakland. It has always scared me a bit. Perhaps it is its industrious nature that I wouldn’t expect her back yard to look so rural.

Audrey's back yard in Oakland

Then there is Ray Ray, Audrey’s cat. He is such a loveable, playful cat. We got along straight away and he was so kind as to model for me. This is one of my favorites:

Ray Ray in color and up close

Ray Ray awake while Audrey sleeps

This was the scene in her room, a few minutes before I departed…